Banning the seniority of ad hoc teachers across the state

Banning the seniority of ad hoc teachers across the state, suspended the decision of the Department of Education

The Department of Education has suspended the order to give the senior to regular teachers from the previous date. In 1990, he was appointed ad hoc, who visited regularly in 1999. The facility was ordered by the department following the order of the High Court and the government and from the date of the ad hoc appointment on 18 and 20 September 2019.

The order issued by Additional Director-Secondary RK Union said that the ban on seniority would continue till the next order of the government. The Department of Education has decided to suspend the seniority order following objections from teachers for direct recruitment and direct recruitment by government employment agencies.

This event: In 1989, 1, 70 teachers of LT and Spoken cadre were appointed ad hoc for one session session. In 1995, it was decided to allow all these teachers. He was given the original appointment in 1999. However, teacher Bhuvan Chandra Kandapal has gone to court for seniority since the date of appointment.

Following the court order, the education department gave Bhuvan the seniority from the previous date of 2006-07. On this basis, more than a hundred teachers filed a writ petition in the High Court. Following this decision of the High Court, on 23 July 2019, Education Secretary R. Meena Kshi Sundaram has instructed the seniority of teachers from a later date.


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In the first phase, 1099 teachers have been given seniority. However, the process of giving the senior to the rest of the teachers is also going on. Now, due to the latest decision, the seniority of all teachers hired after 1990 seems to be affected. There are more than 25,000 of them in Uttarakhand.

Department of Education

The Public Service Agency has reached out to the case, against the instructions of the ad hoc teachers, the senior hired teachers have filed a case with the Public Service Agency. In the wake of the agency’s intervention, the education department heard objections from teachers affected by the decision. Teachers have been opposed to giving their senior since the date of ad hoc appointment. The department has forwarded these objections to the government. The seniority order was suspended until the final verdict.


Ad hoc controlled teachers are outraged by this decision of the Department of Education. The question for these teachers is when seniority has been given after the order of the High Court and the government, what is the basis for banning it?

This whole matter is under the consideration of the state government. The public service agency has been instructed to seek a report from the other party. Objections and representations have been sent to the government under this. Whatever the decision of the government, action will be taken accordingly.
RK Kunwar, Director of Education


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