Architects have objected to the state’s pre-approval mapping system, saying the online system would be unemployed

More than 3,000 architects, draftsmen and engineers across the state will be unemployed as the pre-approval mapping system is effective in the district development authorities of the state. Architects have already begun to oppose the new system. In that case, the field engineers and the authorities in protest of the artifact have announced to boycott the ongoing online map approval system.

It is noteworthy that rehearsals have been started at the government level to implement the system of selecting house maps without architects. Under this arrangement architects will have to make a map of the house and it will not be necessary to give it to the authorities. At this point people can upload pre-prepared maps online according to the size of the plot and submit the file to the authorities. This map can be submitted to the online authority through CSC.

As a result of the implementation of this system in the state, about 40,000 architects will become unemployed. More than three hundred architects, draftsmen and engineers will be removed from Haldwani. That is why the voices of opposition have started to be heard even before the implementation of the new system. Officials of the Uttarakhand Licensed Engineers Association have started opposing it. Association officials said they would raise the issue with the Kumaon commissioner in protest of the new arrangement. If the demands are not met, they will force the movement.

The architect says:

According to the information provided by the Secretary, Housing, the pre-approval mapping method of the authority cannot be applied in practice. Because there is no road to Haldwan according to the standards in different colonies. Registered colonies have 30 feet of road. Pre-approved mapping systems will be suitable for maps made for roads of this width.
RK Sharma, President, Uttarakhand Licensed Engineers Association.

With the implementation of the pre-approval mapping system by the authorities, about 300 architects, engineers and draftsmen directly and indirectly involved with the district level development authorities will become completely unemployed. The crisis of livelihood will appear in front of all of them. The department needs to think about us before implementing this system.
Narendra Verma, General Secretary of the Uttarakhand Licensed Engineers Association.

A memorandum will be sent to the chairman, Nainital and Kumar commissioners of the district level development authority on Saturday against the implementation of the pre-approval mapping system by the authorities. As a result, the currently implemented online map acceptance system will be completely boycotted. Which will be fully supported by registered architects, engineers and draftsmen.
Puran Singh Sijwali, Minister for Uttarakhand Licensed Engineers Association Organization.

There are still no orders from the administration level to implement the pre-approval mapping system. Further action will be taken in the case as per the guidelines of the government.
Pankaj Upadhyay, Secretary District Development Authority Nainital.


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