Another scandal has been uncovered in Uttarakhand Rs 24 lakh

Another scandal has been uncovered in Uttarakhand, Rs 24 lakh will be recovered from officials and former chiefs.

There is a big scandal of MNREGA work in Mundal village of Chakrata block. It became dirty during the reign of two princes in nine years. At the end of the investigation, the administration has recovered Rs 24.55 lakh from six block development officers, a village development officer, a MONREGA JAI and two former village heads.

Jay and an barefoot technician have also been ordered removed. Also, the village development officer was adversely admitted. In Mundoli village, from 2010 to 2016, under the MNREGA project, construction of zeol, protection wall, check dam and other works have been done.

The villagers complained about the work. In April 2019, Vikram Singh, director of the administration assistant project, was investigated by the Rural Development Agency.

District Development Officer Sushil Mohan Doval said that on the basis of the investigation, he was with District Magistrate Bhopal Singh, who was the principal from 200-13-1-13, and the then Village Development Officer Ashok Kumar, J. A recovery order has been issued from the officer.

It will be recovered from the then Block Development Officer Jaipal Singh Baratwal and MS Bhatt, Block Development Officer in charge SS Chauhan, Trilok Singh Rana, Hemant Kumar Singh and RRS Aswal. Of these, four block development officers have also retired.

How many will be rescued

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A total of 24 lakh 54 thousand rupees will have to be recovered. Of this, 30 per cent will have to be recovered from the two former chiefs, 30 per cent from JIs, 30 from village development officers and 10 per cent from block development officers. Because the payment was made during the tenure of the development officers. Adverse entry has been given to the Village Development Officer.

MNREGA work was investigated at Mundal village in Chakra block. The investigation has confirmed the scandal. Recovery orders have come from the culprits. J and BFT have been ordered to be removed. Village development officers have been adversely admitted.
Nitika Khandelwal, CDO, Dehradun


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