Accident: Two killed while standing on the side of the road in utility collision, driver arrested

Two people were killed by a utility vehicle parked on the side of the road some distance from Tapovan Bazaar in Joshimath. Police have launched an investigation into the incident and police have taken the car and driver into their custody. Kotwal Yoshimath Jaipal Singh Negi said a utility hit two people standing on the side of the road near the Tapoban Forest Department barrier on Tuesday evening.


Injured Joshimath resident Deepchand Sharma’s son Kshetral, 50, and Santosh’s son Joy Prasad, resident of Pagno Joshimath, 28, were brought to Joshimath with the help of 108 injured people. Kotwal said doctors at Joshimath CHC examined Deepchand Sharma after he got out of the ambulance and declared him dead. He was reportedly referred to a higher center in view of the critical condition of another injured Santosh.

However, doctors declared him dead during the investigation at Pipalkoti Vivekananda Hospital. Kotwal said that during interrogation and preliminary investigation, it was found that there was a lot of goat dung on the road at the place where the accident took place and the utility driver said that the car slipped on the dung which caused the accident. .

The bodies of both the bodies have been handed over to their families after the post-mortem examination at Joshimath. Kotwal Jaipal Negi said driver Karan Singh, son Narayan Singh, resident Parsari Joshimath have been sent to jail, and the vehicle was seized along with Tahrir received from the deceased’s family.

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