04 youths from Uttarakhand, forcibly ‘imprisoned’ in hotel for forced labor in Maharashtra

At the initiative of Maharashtra Governor and former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Bhagat Singh Koshiar, four Munsieri youths were forcibly ‘imprisoned’ in a hotel in Nasik for five months. The hotel owner used to beat these young men without pay.

They were not even allowed to go out and talk. The migrants from Mumbai took the matter to Koshiari, then waved to the Nasik administration and the victim was released from the hotel and sent home.

The story of four young men from Munshiari who reached Nasik in search of employment is painful. Munshiyari, Rohit Brijwal, Gaurab Chiral, Prakash Kunwar and Dipu Tomkiyal, all working in a hotel in Nasik, were enslaved by a hotel owner due to poor economic conditions.


The four wanted to return home because of the lockdown, but the hotel owner did not have one in front of them. He was not even allowed out of the hotel. He was also beaten every day. Meanwhile, one of these young men heard an incident on his family, the family may know the incident.

The victim’s mother wrote a letter to Koshia asking for help: Prayag Rawat, an expatriate from Mumbai, advised the victim’s mother to write a letter to the Governor of Maharashtra and sent it to her herself. Realizing the seriousness of the case, Governor Koshyari directed the Nasik district administration to look into the matter immediately. The expatriates along with the district administration released four youths from the clutches of the hotel owner.

The hotel owner was working without pay

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Munsari. Four young men said the hotel owner was hiring them without pay. He used to fight with them for salary. When police and expatriates went to see the hotel owner after the case was published, he refused to pay the salaries of the four youths. The police and the administration have shown a serious attitude towards the issue and have paid the salaries of four youths. The four youths and their families thanked all the expatriates, Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiari and Income Tax Commissioner Narendra Singh Jangpangi.

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The state of pride deteriorated due to the fighting

Munshiyari. A young man’s pride deteriorated due to the hotel owner’s humiliation. The four came out of the hotel owner’s captivity and listened to the immigrants. Mumbai’s income tax commissioner Narendra Singh Jangpangi said the hotel owner’s physical harassment and mental abuse had made Gaurav’s condition worse. He even left food. Despite this, the hotel owner did not treat him. Four young men reached Munshiyari on the spot


Dinesh Bhandari, a resident of Madkot, heard about the tragedy of the four youths and sought help from Prayag Rawat, an immigrant from Mumbai. After which Rawat sought the help of Mumbai’s income tax commissioner Narendra Jangpangi and other migrants and released four youths, including police, from the hotel owner’s jail. Foreign industrialist Dhanyam Bhatt also played an important role in this regard. The four youths have safely reached Munshiyari, who is lodged in a guest house.

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