World Tourism Day 2020: Eastern Tourism refreshes the mind and heart

The coronavirus has taken its toll. Stress and frustration have shaken the brain. The world needs restraint and peace at such a difficult time. We are fortunate that every particle of our soil teaches the world peace and harmony. This world includes Lord Buddha for teaching world peace and non-violence. Rudratatri Guru Gorakhnath said this fog. He was buried in this shrine. It was here that Saint Kabir established a new love affair between the devotee and the Lord. On the pretext of this Tourism Day, Hindustan has tried to introduce you to the major centers of Purvanchal whose spiritual consciousness has enlightened the whole world.

Goraksanath Temple

According to belief, millions of devotees from home and abroad come every year on the occasion of Makar Sankranti for khichri at the Gorakhnath temple of Guru Gorakhnath, of all ages and periods. Even on ordinary days, thousands of fans and domestic and foreign tourists come every day. The sequence of yoga practice continues here. It is believed that Guru Gorakhnath visited this place while traveling from the wall of Rawal to the place of Joladevi. He placed the divine heavenly tomb here. The present Goraksanath temple is there. Even today the sacred pomp given by Guru Gorakhnath is burning. DDU Assistant Professor of Ancient History and Archaeological Survey. Padmaja Singh says, ‘Guru Goraksanath Nath is the preacher of the path. He sanctified this place with his supernatural spiritual dignity. Tourists arriving at their hotspots find surprising serenity. People can be seen sitting comfortably at any time sitting on the shores of Bhim Sarovar or in a boat on the temple premises.

World Tourism Day 2020 Eastern Tourism refreshes the mind and


Gautam Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana Kushinagar has beautiful Buddhist temples from many countries. This place shines on the international tourist map. Buddhist followers from all over the world visit here throughout the year. On the occasion of Buddha Purnima, people take part in the fair for a month. At this time, the temples are illuminated at night by the decorations and lights of Kushinagar. As well as traveling it gives a sense of peace and non-violence here in Fiza.

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Here the saint poet has given the fog. His disciples were both Hindus and Muslims. The tomb and tomb of Saint Kabir are side by side. Kabir’s words are engraved on the tomb wall. There is also a temple nearby which was built by the poet’s Hindu disciples in 1520 AD. This tomb is said to have been built in 1518 AD. The Maghar Festival and Kabir Mela is held from 12 to 16 January in Maghar. Mug Shukla Ekadashi is a three-day celebration of Kabir Nirvana Day and Kabir Jayanti. More domestic tourists are coming here. People feel very comfortable sitting in the precincts of the tombs and temples.

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It was the capital of Shakyagan. Gautama Buddha’s first life was spent here. His birthplace is in Lumbini, just 10 kilometers away. Kapilabastu, Lumbani and Kushinagar are among the places of pilgrimage for Buddhist followers around the world. It is known as the Buddha’s playground.

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A future full of expectations

The tourism industry seems to be full of expectations about 2021. Billions of projects and infrastructure development work are in full swing to attract tourists to Gorakhpith, Buddhist Circuit and Magar. The international airport is being built in Kushinagar. The Gorakhpur airport is being expanded. Thus, those working in hotels, tours and other areas of travel and tourism-related jobs are hopeful that with the introduction of the coronavirus vaccine, this adoption will disappear and the Eastern tourism industry, like the rest of the world, will be given a boost.

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Dr. Padmaja Singh said, ‘Mahatma Buddha, Mahayogi Goraksanatha and Santakabi are all pioneers of the same ideological establishment. Human welfare and public welfare is the focus of his ideological establishment. If the world wants happiness and peace, they have to look at these three. Under such circumstances, the movement of tourists in this region is going to increase manifold in the future.

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Dr. Ramesh Chandra, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, DDU, says that the philosophy of Buddha, Gorakh and Kabir is showing a new path in the joy of overcoming misery in the stress that the whole world is going through today. Buddhist philosophy says that mourning is equal to ant and elephant, but when the ant is small we do not see its grief and elephant pain. Until we end this difference. They will not believe that the sorrows of elephants and ants are equal, until love comes. Until then, peace and salvation are not available. There is no difference between ordinary and special in the teachings of Gorakh and the three Buddhas of the poet. People come to them and expand their own perimeter. Peace and harmony will be established in the world if everyone considers their own. The person standing in the last phase of the society will also laugh.

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Tourism could triple

The flight is expected to start from Kushinagar International Airport by November 30.
Kushinagar’s tourism industry is expected to triple due to international flights
As tourism in the Buddhist circuit grows, so will tourist guides, the hotel industry, travel and excursions.
In addition to Sri Lanka, Verma, Nepal, China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, the United States and Russia attract tourists to the Buddhist circuit.
Tourists from Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Tripura also come.
Buddhist tourists still visit India centered around Varanasi. With the opening of the international airport, Kushinagar will now become their hub.

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