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Village Head Election: Voter list started to be deposited among UP’s Panchayat Election 2020

The administration has started preparations on the instructions of the government regarding the panchayat elections. On one side, the voter list is being finalized, on the other hand political parties have also started their preparations. Looking at this preparation, it seems that soon the date of the panchayat elections will come. The list of three development blocks of Agra is being prepared and submitted to Tehsil Sadar.

Till now the work of voter revision list was going on for the panchayat elections in 15 blocks of the district, which has now been completed. Based on the same, the BLO voters are submitting the list. List of three blocks Akola, Bichpuri have been submitted in Tehsil Sadar. At the same time, 75 lists of Block Barauli Ahir have been submitted, the remaining two dozen voters list will also be submitted by Monday. On the other hand, SDM Sadar M. Arunmoli says that the report is being sought by the government regarding the panchayat elections. Strict instructions have been given to Block Development Officers regarding the preparation of Panchayat elections. The lists are accumulating.

The government asked for the report:

Hamirpur Assistant District Election Officer (Panchastha local) SK Shukla informed that daily reports are being sought by the government regarding panchayat elections. This is likely to lead to elections in January 2021. 55 types of forms have been sent from Allahabad. Which are to be used in elections. The Election Commission is gradually giving information about all the rules and regulations to the department. At the same time, meetings are being held in the administration and administration from time to time regarding the Panchayat elections. Panchayat elections are also stirring in the same villages. Potential candidates are preparing.

Ballot from the Commission in Hardoi:

Assistant District Election Officer BL Bhargava informed that there will be election for the post of Gram Panchayat, Pradhan, BDC District Panchayat member. Ballot papers from the Commission have been kept safe. All ballots will be of different colors. After the election notification is issued, these ballots will be sent to the polling station to carry out the voting process as per the commission’s instructions.


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