Video goes viral on social media after gang-raping girl in Balia, two arrested

Video goes viral on social media after gang-raping girl in Balia, two arrested

The outcry spread after a video of a girl being raped in Balia was leaked on social media.

The outcry spread after a video of a girl being raped in Balia was leaked on social media. After informing the matter and activating the matter, the police filed a case against the two youths and arrested both of them and sent them to jail. The matter is currently being investigated.

It is said that Fifina took the girl out of a village in the police station area, took her into the bushes and abused her. Darinder’s videos also went viral on social media. It is clear that the girl wanted to call Raham her brother, but the Havans did not listen to her. After the information in the video went viral, Fafena police filed a case against the two accused under the Rape and IT Act. Police on Tuesday arrested two accused Naresh residents Radheshyam and Neeraj, both residents of Karimuddinpur in Gazipur.

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SO Fafna Rajiv Mishra said a girl from a village in Sukhpura police station area had reached the area with her two boyfriends. Meanwhile, some young men returning from cricket caught the young man and the girl present in the bushes and he was still interrogating both of them that some big men of the village had caught their eye. They persuaded the young men and drove them away. Meanwhile, after the video of the rape went viral, the police became active. FIF police have filed a case against the girl’s mother and arrested both the accused. CO Sadar Varun Mishra said the girl was being examined for medical examination on the basis of the viral video.

There was debate and controversy among the village boys

The girl, who came to a village in Fafansa police station area with some boys, got into an argument with the youth of the village. According to the police, the three got into the same car and parked the car. A young man stood on the boundary, another girl led him to the bushes. Seeing the unidentified girl with two outsiders, the village youths did not take any time to get the situation. They started questioning the girl and the young man. It is said that at this time there was an argument with the young man of the village and the girl’s boyfriend.

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The IPS officer informed the IG-DIG about the matter

The video of the rape of a teenager in a village in the Fafna police station area went viral on social media and caused a stir in the police department. The search for the girl and the young man began on the basis of the video. According to sources, when the video reached IPS officer Amitabh Tagore, he also alerted IG Varanasi and DIG Azamgarh about the case and demanded that a case be filed. Shortly afterwards, FIF police filed a lawsuit and arrested the accused.

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The video of the September 14 rape incident in the Lunga area was voiced. Considering the matter, the police started investigation. In this case, a lawsuit has been filed at the lung station. The incident is being investigated and further action is being taken.
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