Varanasi: Fish found in the Ganges in the Amazon River in the United States, scientists engaged in the investigation


Another species of c atfish has been found in the Kashi Ganges in the Amazon River in the United States. BHU zoologists are extremely concerned about the discovery of this fish called sackmouth cat fish in the Ganges. This is the second time in a month that catfish have been found in the Ganges.


The discovery of the Circmouth Catfish has raised the concerns of scientists. This fish is considered to be extremely dangerous for the ecology of the Ganges. It was found in the Ganges on September 24 near the village of Ramna, south of Kashi. This fish is caught in fishermen’s nets. Seeing this strange fish, the fishermen informed Ganga Sentinel Darshan Nishad about this. Darshan Nishad, trained at the Wildlife Institute in Dehradun, saw it and recognized it. This time they took him alive to the zoologists at BHU. A photo and video of the fish was also sent to Dr Ruchi Badola, a fish specialist at the Wildlife Institute in Dehradun. It is noteworthy that earlier on the 3rd of this month, a golden catfish of golden color was found near Sujabad in the Ganges. BHU zoologists are beginning to find out the environmental changes caused by these fish.

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Causes of imbalances in aquatic ecology

Professor Dr. Zoologist of BAU. Bachan Lal mentioned that this is the cause of the terrible imbalance in aquatic ecology. It consumes not only small fish but also other aquatic creatures. The zoological name of this fish is Hypostomas Plicostomas. Abroad it is also known as placo. Native fish require special conditions for breeding, but this is not the case with them. These fish can breed in water in any situation and anywhere.

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They reach almost all the rivers of the country

Pro. Lal said the concern was that the fish was found in almost all rivers in the country. These carnivorous fish can range in size from two inches to one-fourth to one-fifth of a foot, but they do not have food quality or any inal quality. As both are useless, these fish are also threatening the livelihood of the fishermen. He said it was now impossible to eradicate these fish from the river.

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