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UP: Police have arrested 15,000 Rewards fugitives for 10 months after the confrontation

Prince, an associate of fugitive Bipin Singh in a deadly attack on property businessman Chhotu Prajapati, was abducted by Piperich police in a fight with SOG on Saturday. The prince tried to escape by firing at the police but could not succeed. Police spent about ten months searching for 15,000 miscreants for rewards. A case of attempted murder has been filed against him at Gulriha police station.

Rajkumar, a resident of Madanpur village in Khada Thana area of ​​Kushinagar district, was part of the group that attacked property trader Chhotu Prajapati on December 14, 2016. Bipin Singh was injured in a police encounter in the attack. He died during treatment. At the same time, the little butterfly survived being shot in the counter attack. Please tell here that the little butterfly Bipin Singh and his associates attacked at the behest of Mafia Rakesh Yadav. While Bipin Singh was killed in a police encounter, the police arrested them one by one while the prince was on the run.

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A slab 315 bore, Khoka 315 bore, cartridge 315 bore, Pulsar motorcycle UP 53 BP 1234 recovered. According to the investigation, a total of four cases were filed against Raju Kumar at Gulariha and Piprich police stations. There have been two cases of attempted murder in Gulriha and Piprich, and action has also been taken against him under the Gangster Act.


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