UP Panchayat Election 2020: More than 550 village head posts can be reduced this time, find out the reason

This time the village government will be reduced in UP.

This time the village government will be reduced in UP. After the panchayat elections in 2015, no new gram panchayats were formed in the state, but hundreds of panchayats were fully or partially incorporated into urban areas. In such a situation, the post of village head will remain this time.

The Panchayati Raj Division is preparing a complete or partial description of the Gram Panchayat included in the Municipal Corporation or Nagar Panchayat. According to the State Election Commission from the Panchayati Raj Division, 577 Gram Panchayats have been fully covered so far and 8060 Panchayats have been included in the urban areas regionally. If 8060 gram panchayats are included in the urban areas regionally, if their population is reduced to less than one thousand, then the remaining wards of such national panchayats can be included in any other panchayat. So far, 57 posts of village head have been completed. In this continuity, the posts of about two to three thousand gram panchayat members are to be completed.

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Ved Prakash Verma, Additional Election Commissioner, State Election Commission, UP, said that the posts of rural and gram panchayat members have ended in panchayats which have completely shifted to urban areas. The government has to decide whether the panchayats that have been regionally incorporated into the urban areas will survive if the population is less than 1000 or the remaining wards will be included in other panchayats.

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In the 2015 Panchayat elections:

– 59,162 grams elected chief

– 7,42,269 Gram Panchayat members

– 821 Area Panchayat President

– 75,576 Area Panchayat Members

– District Panchayat President-55

– District Panchayat Member – 3112



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