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UP News: Prohibition on wearing jeans T-shirts for employees in UP Assembly Secretariat, order issued

Uttar Pradesh News: According to the order, employees and officers will have to wear plain clothes.

Uttar Pradesh News: Employees working in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Secretariat have been banned from wearing jeans T-shirts. This order has been issued by Narendra Kumar Mishra, Joint Secretary, Assembly Secretariat. It is clearly written in the order that now all the employees and the secretariat will wear clothes according to the dignity. It was said in the instructions that employees should not come wearing jeans and T-shirts. This instruction has been issued to all the officers and employees of the department.Also Read – Live-In Relationship: After being in a live-in relationship for 20 years, the elderly couple got married, the villagers raised the entire cost, know the reason….

After the new order, there is a ban on wearing jeans and T-shirts in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Secretariat. This restriction is for the officers along with the employees. Now no one is allowed to enter the Secretariat wearing jeans and T-shirts or other casual wear. Hundreds of employees work in the state secretariat. According to the order, employees and officers will have to wear plain clothes. Also Read – UP News: Family going to Mahadev temple in road accident, five killed and three injured

According to sources, the employees have been warned many times in this regard even before the order issued by Joint Secretary Narendra Kumar Mishra. It was told that the assembly is a respectable place and all the employees and officers should wear clothes following the same dignity. Also Read – Takli Dulhan: Big fell from the bride’s head after 15 days of marriage, the groom was not aware of this; Seeing Takli bride took this step…

After this order, the Speaker of the UP Legislative Assembly Hriday Narayan Dixit has reacted. He said that we have decided that the employees should follow a decent dress code. However this is not yet defined. He said that this is not an instruction but an advice. No action will be taken for non-compliance of this.

He said that I do not mean to say that our employees do not wear decent clothes, but people coming to the assembly should dress beautifully. (agency inputs)


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