UP Death penalty for husband and innocent son life imprisonment

UP: Death penalty for husband and innocent son, life imprisonment, boyfriend’s life to be cut in jail

Additional Sessions Judge Gyan Prakash Shukla on Saturday sentenced Archana Yadav of Shahpur Basharatpur to life imprisonment for killing her doctor husband and innocent son and her boyfriend Ajay Yadav. Both have been fined Rs 655,000. Failure to pay the fine can result in imprisonment for three and a half years.

As soon as the news of the murder was published on the night of January 20, 201 of January 20, the whole area became agitated. The next twenty-four hours later, when the police revealed and found out that no one else was the killer, the doctor’s wife and his girlfriend then slipped on the ground under people’s feet. Submitting information about the court’s decision, Assistant District Government lawyers Rabindra Singh and Ramesh Kumar Singh on behalf of the state said that eye doctor Om Prakash Yadav and his innocent son Shiv were residents of Basharatpur Ashoknagar Colony in Shahpur Thana area on the first floor of their house. However, the body was found in the house.

Dr. Om Prakash’s mother Bageshwari Devi filed a case with Shahpur Police Station. He told police in Tahrir that his son Om Prakash Yadav slept at home with his son Shiv alias Nitin. Archana Yadav was lying in the next room. The boy and his grandson were killed by unknown miscreants who entered the house at some point in the night with the intention of snatching them. Archana Yadav, wife of Dr Om Prakash, and Ajay Yadav, a resident of Swaminagar in Shikohabad police station area of ​​Firozabad, discussed the case. Police have arrested both of them. The court announced the sentence against him on the basis of evidence.

The lover’s husband and Archana have killed the innocent son
Archana Yadav and Ajay became the first Facebook friends. The conversation between them grows and they fall in love. Ajay was a primary school teacher. They decided to meet and had their first meeting in Lucknow about eight months before the murder. The meeting and intimacy grew, then love began to ascend. The two also had a physical relationship. When the doctors were going out somewhere, Archana would report and Ajay would come home. Before the murder, he came to Gorakhpur four times and stayed at the house of Archana and his father-in-law. Among the issues the doctor planned to get the husband out of the way.

He carried out this plan on the night of January 20, 2016. Ajay reached Gorakhpur by train and stopped at Archana’s house. At this time Dr. Om Prakash went to a party in the neighborhood with his son. Archana pretends to be ill and stops at home waiting for her boyfriend. He formed a physical relationship after the arrival of Ajay Yadav. Archana put Ajay to sleep in a room. Dr. Om Prakash came with his son Nitin alias Shiva and slept at home. Archana telephoned Ajay around midnight and told him about her husband and son’s sleep. He slowly opened the door. Ajay entered the house with a hammer and hit the doctor on the head with a hammer in his sleep. Five-year-old Nitin alias Shiva was sentenced to death by a doctor after waking up.

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Archana suffocated to death because her son’s actions were not published anywhere. After the murder, they scatter belongings in the house so that they can be killed during the robbery. Archana later sends Ajay out of the house and the latch falls asleep with the lock in another room. At night he slept in the next room and informed about the incident by sound in the morning. Arriving at the spot, the then SSP Luv Kumar suspected robbery. He made Dr Om Prakash Yadav’s elder brother, Inspector Rajkumar Yadav, suspicious in the police department, then the police team started investigation and the whole incident came to light. Ajay Yadav was carrying the incident on the train. Police arrested Ajay within 24 hours on the basis of mobile phone details and other evidence.


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