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UP Bakrid Guidelines: Guidelines issued for Bakrid in UP, know complete guidelines issued by Yogi government

UP Bakrid 2021 Guidelines: The Uttar Pradesh government has issued guidelines for the festival of Bakrid to be celebrated on 21 July.

UP Bakrid 2021 Guidelines: The Uttar Pradesh government issued guidelines for the festival of Bakrid to be celebrated on July 21. A spokesperson of the state government said that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (Yogi Adityanath) Bakrid festival to the officials (Bakrid 2021) In view of this, instructions have been given to make all necessary arrangements.Also Read – Kerala gets relief from Supreme Court: There is no ban on celebrating Bakrid today, hearing will be held tomorrow

CM Yogi instructed that in view of the Kovid epidemic, not more than 50 people should gather at one place in any event related to the festival. Along with this, it should be ensured that no bovine animal, camel and any other banned animal are sacrificed anywhere. He said that the act of sacrifice should not be done in a public place. For this, only the identified places and private premises should be used. During this, special care should be taken of cleanliness. Also Read – Kerala Lockdown News: How can you give exemption from lockdown in IMA’s threat? Take back order, otherwise…

It is worth noting that the festival of Bakrid is celebrated by remembering the spirit of undying love and sacrifice for Allah by the Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihis Salam. This time this festival will be celebrated on 21st July. Also Read – How to celebrate ‘Bakrid’ during the Corona period, the Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind gave this advice to Muslims

What is done on the day of Bakrid

On this day Muslim people wear good clothes. Women cook special dishes. On this day, after getting up early in the morning, after taking a bath, they wear new clothes and offer Eid prayers in the Idgah. After the prayer, they hug each other and congratulate Eid and after that the process of animal sacrifice starts.

Why do we sacrifice on Bakrid?

Sacrifice has great importance in Islam. Sacrifice is done to please and please Allah. According to the beliefs of Islam, once Allah wanted to take the test of Hazrat Ibrahim. It is believed that Allah ordered Hazrat Ibrahim to sacrifice his dearest thing in his path. Hazrat Ibrahim was most dear to his son Hazrat Ismail.

When Hazrat Ibrahim told this to his son about this special order of Allah, he agreed to sacrifice. On the other hand, Hazrat Ibrahim also gave importance to the command of Allah more than the love of his son and he agreed to sacrifice his son in the way of Allah.

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