Three more of Mukhtar Ansari have been arrested soon, let them know who they are

Police are looking into three very close friends of Bahubali Mukhtar Ansari. Their position is constantly changing. So the police have formed three teams to find these three and Mukhtar’s two sons Omar and Abbas. It is claimed that the police came very close to them. The Commissioner of Police has also given a lot of information about this to the police officers of the eastern region. On the other hand, Mukhtar’s two sons also started rehearsing non-bailable warrants on Wednesday.


Two illegal houses occupied by Mukhtar’s son in Dalibagh a few days ago were demolished. An FIR was lodged against Omar and Abbas at Hazratganj Kotwali. On receipt of the two, the Commissioner of Police announced a prize of Rs 25,000 each. Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey said work was underway to identify the illegal assets of the gang members. Illegal property of more than half a dozen people has been identified. On the other hand, three teams of police raided many places in Lucknow.

Mukhtar Ansari’s wife and his brothers were gang-raped

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The administration has taken action against Mukhtar Ansari’s wife Afsa Ansari and her brothers-in-law Sarjeel Raja and Anwar Shahzad after removing the unauthorized land worth crores of rupees. Everyone together with Mukhtar commits crime as an organized criminal group. A case of gangster law has been filed against everyone in Gazipur Kotwali.

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Mukhtar gang’s annual income is closed at Rs 48 crore

The police have done deep damage to the economic empire of Mukhtar Ansari and his clique. As a result of the steps taken so far, the income of Mukhtar gang has stopped at Rs 47 crore annually. In different districts of Varanasi zone, the police have given a big push to various illegal businesses including fishing, storage, gang making, coal business, butchery. According to the police report, the annual income from the pearl gang’s fish business was around Tk 33 crore. The rest of the income was from other illegal activities.

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