Three cubs died as a result of eating the eggs, published in the postmortem report; Find out where the subject is

Three cubs died on the Etawah Lion Safari on Monday due to malnutrition and overdose of eggs. It has been published in the autopsy report. Currently the viscera have been sent to IVRI Bareilly. The report will come a week later. The deaths of three cubs on a lion safari have also stunned hopes of a leopard rescue center here.

15 days ago, the three kids who brought the safari from Bijnor were extremely negligent in their eating. The calves are milked only in the early days. But he was given a heavy nutritionist with milk. Not only that, eggs were also given in large quantities, which resulted in diarrhea. Dr. RK Singh of the Animal Husbandry Department in Kanpur, who went on a lion safari after the condition of the cubs deteriorated, said that the condition of the cubs was extremely critical. They reported that more nutritionists harm the cubs. Despite many attempts, he could not be saved. Dr. Singh, who investigated the autopsies of the three children, said their food was taken care of.

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The screams hit the rescue center

The leopard rescue center built here has been hit after three cubs died on an Etawah Lion safari. Cubs born in sugarcane fields in Bijnor, Meerut, Pilivit and Western UP districts are being rescued and sent to Etawah Safari Park. The three babies also arrived in April. Five leopards have already resumed on the safari. Safari director VK Singh said the risk of caring for children is high, yet we take full care. Kanpur Zoo director Sunil Chowdhury Chowdhury said the leopards sent from Kanpur to Gorakhpur should first be kept on the Etawah Singh safari. After that, he was sent to Gorakhpur. However, after the death of three children, it will now be sent directly to Gorakhpur by December.

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