These five drugs related to corona treatment have started monitoring, the Department of Medicine will keep a daily account


The government has started monitoring drugs related to the treatment of corona. To curb the black marketing of these drugs, the government has asked for reports on the availability and use of drugs. This information now needs to be sent to the department every day. In addition, the government must provide information about the demand for drugs.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Among them, the highest demand for ivermectin has increased. These drugs are considered to be the most effective in the treatment of coronary infections. Drugs are exhausting in many places. Retailers are not getting it either. In addition, doxycycline, azithromycin, safaxim and vitamin-C are used in treatment. The use of these drugs increased so much that most of the vitamin-C metropolis disappeared from the market.

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These drugs are also needed in home isolation

Eighty-five percent of patients with coronary heart disease are receiving treatment at home. The demand for these drugs has multiplied as the number of patients in home isolation has increased. In this context, the government has become cautious. The government has instructed officials to send a report monitor ing the use of these drugs on a daily basis. The Drug Licensing and Control Authority has written a letter to the drug inspectors in all the districts in this regard.

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Action will be taken in case of black marketing

Drug inspector Joy Singh said many companies are making drugs including ivermethin in the market. There is no shortage of medicines for this. All vendors have been instructed to sell drugs at fair prices. Strict action has been warned against black marketing allegations. CMO Dr Srikanth Tiwari said everyone has been informed about the use of Evermetin drugs. Patients with corona also do not take ivermetin without consulting a doctor. People who come in contact with infected people should also take the medicine after consulting a doctor.

The drug dealer spoke

There is no shortage of these drugs. It is true that their supply is not being able to meet the demand. Drugs are not being black marketed, patients are getting drugs. Drug dealers are cooperating with the administration. The Drug Dealers Committee is active on the availability of drugs
Alok Chaurasia General Secretary of Drug Dealers



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