The price of the drug has gone up from Rs 5 to Rs 112


Along with oxygen, the price of medicines has also gone up. Prices of other medicines including pregnancy, respiratory, heart, antibiotics have gone up. The price has gone up from five to 122 rupees. That is why patients have to spend more money for treatment.

So increased prices

The supply of raw materials used to make medicines has been disrupted due to coronary heart d isease and seizures from China. About 60 to 70 percent of the raw materials for medicines came from China. The supply chain is interrupted by infection. The difference in the supply of raw materials is the price of medicines. As a result, the supply of medicines is not being able to meet the demand. Companies have taken advantage of this to raise prices.

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According to Giriraj Rastogi, president of the Lucknow Chemists Association, the prices of some medicines have gone up recently. However, there is no shortage of drugs in the market. All kinds of medicines are being provided to the patients as per the demand. According to spokesperson Bikash Rastogi, the demand for many other vitamin medicines, including vitamins, has increased. The raw material crisis may also be the reason for the rise in drug prices.


The price of this drug has gone up

– Duffston drug given during pregnancy, 5 tablet leaves are available at Rs 550 for now this drug is available at Rs 672. Here is an increase of about 122 rupees.
Dufalek, a syrup given for stomach problems, was at Rs 505. Now it is priced at Rs 555.
-Uric acid drug Fabustat was known at Rs 184. Now patients are being forced to buy 202 rupees. Increased by about 18 rupees.
-Genity Atarax tablets were priced at Rs. Now it is priced at 39 rupees.
– Heart Medicine Mafocard XL Heart Disease
Respiratory medicine AB floor price was 112 rupees. It has increased by Rs. 123 being sold

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Deficiency of generic drugs

There is a shortage of medicines in the public pharmacies of the Prime Minister. Patients are not able to get the necessary medicines. The biggest crises are antibiotics, blood pressure and diabetes medications. Patients are returning from open shops in other hospitals including Balrampur, Lohia and Civil. Patients are being forced to buy drugs at exorbitant rates.

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