The number of coronas infected at the UN has dropped further, with a recovery rate of 63 percent

In Uttar Pradesh, the number of corona patients infected in one day is now declining rapidly. Even on Saturday, more patients left for recovery than those who had been infected. On Saturday, the number of people discharged from the hospital stood at 12,512, of which 4,412 were infected. These figures are going to provide relief to people concerned about the state’s corona.

The number of deaths due to infection is also declining rapidly within twenty-four hours. The death toll in the state has risen to 699 in the last 24 hours from 74 on Friday. On the other hand, the collection of samples collected for corona testing is continuously increasing. Additional Chief Secretary Medical and Health Amit Mohan Prasad said a total of 1,56,828 samples were tested in the last 24 hours in the state. Thus, a total of 94,67,186 samples have been investigated in the state so far.

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He said there have been 4412 new cases of corona in the state in the last 24 hours. So far, a total of 3,22,222 people have been given full treatment and relief. Similarly, 6546 people were treated in the state in the last 24 hours. The recovery rate in the state continues to rise. The state’s recovery rate was recorded at 6.6..64 on Saturday. He said the state’s corona is 57,057. There are active cases and 29,266 people are homeless.

Amit Prasad said that 3,322 people were being treated at private hospitals in the state and 145 at L-1 Plus on half pay. It is also learned that 247777 pools have been tested. Of these, 2063 pools of 5–5 samples and 414 pools of 10–10 samples were searched.

Corona infection slows down

The number of corona infections in a single day decreased rapidly as well as the number of deaths from the infection was low. The number of people infected with the virus on Saturday was much lower than before. At the same time, the death toll fell to 699. The number was recorded at 84 on Friday. Meanwhile, the number of infected people has increased slightly since September 2. As of Saturday, the number of infected people was 599 and the number of people dying from the infection in the state was 11.

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