The mother-in-law was killed when she refused to marry

The mother-in-law was killed when she refused to marry

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Police revealed the murder a week ago by hiding the body in the nose. The girl’s brother-in-law was behind the murder. At the same time, the accused in this case was acquitted. The mother-in-law’s brother-in-law, the brother-in-law, gets angry about his love affair with another young man and kills him. Under the pretext of marrying his girlfriend, he takes her to the forest and proposes marriage to himself, which leads to a quarrel between the two. Revealing the incident through call details, the police arrested the killer’s brother-in-law and a relative and sent them to jail. The incident took place in Shahabad area of ​​Rampur district in Uttar Pradesh.

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On September 2, the body of a woman was found hiding in a haystack in a field in Mohammadnagar. The body was identified as Mehtab, 28, daughter of Zahid, a resident of Old Lalwara village. Family members allege that Shahnawaz of the village was abducted and killed two days ago on September 2. A case has been filed against Zahid Tahrir’s father-in-law’s house after the autopsy report confirmed the murder. The police have been engaged in discussions since then. If the police check the call details, the location of the accused was in Bihar for a long time.

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Police then began investigating other aspects. Police arrested Nadeem, a resident of Saifani’s mahalla kothi, the deceased’s brother-in-law and Azim’s elder brother Azam. Kotwal Shivcharan Singh said that Nazim loved Mehtab, but Mehtab fell in love with Shahnawaz of the village. Enraged, Nazim killed him. Nadeem supported Nazim in the development. Both have been sent to jail.

Mehtab, a young woman from Lalwara, was killed by her immediate brother-in-law Nazim. A relative named Nadeem supported him. Shahnawaz has been acquitted in the trial. Both the killers have been arrested and sent away. – Shivcharan Singh, Kotwal Shahabad

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