The family did not want to take action on the murder of the child, the father requested the SSP in an affidavit to stop the investigation

A ten-year-old son of Chandrabhavan, a resident of Kaithalia in Pipiganj of Gorakhpur, has died. This has also been confirmed by the postmortem report. Family members do not want to take action, which is why family members are not helping to investigate the incident. The father tried to give an affidavit to the police to stop the investigation, but the police refused to take the affidavit. The family then requested the SSP to close the investigation with an affidavit.


Was playing Thursday evening in front of the painted house. From there he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. He could not be found even after many searches. When the family members reached the PPG police station late at night, the police filed a kidnapping case. Ankit was being searched and his body was found in a hole in the back of Chandravan’s house on Sunday. Arriving at the spot, CO Campierganj spoke to a daughter of Ankit’s family and expressed the possibility of killing Ankit.

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A postmortem report on Monday confirmed the allegations. The autopsy report cited a lump in the head as the cause of the child’s death. On Thursday evening, a woman beat Ankit near a hole filled with water. During this time he suffered a head injury. Then he fell in to a hole filled with water. It did not exit after that. Three days later his body fell into the water. Pusil has filed a case based on the autopsy report. It is said that even after giving affidavits to the relatives, the SSP has asked them to settle the case on the basis of merit and evidence.

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Family members brought affidavits. Refusing to take the affidavit, he asked to meet with higher officials. Action will be taken as per the instructions given by the officers.
Rajendra Mishra, PP Ganj Shaw.



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