1603068673 The Bihari temple in Banke is closed again decided due

The Bihari temple in Banke is closed again, decided due to huge crowd, will now be reopened with new arrangements

The Thakur Bankebihari temple, which opened on the first day of Navratri, will be closed for devotees from Monday. The temple administration has taken this decision due to the huge crowd of devotees. On Saturday, the first day the doors opened, the temple was packed.

Even on Sunday morning, a huge crowd of devotees reached the temple but the police let them go to the temple leaving a line on the road. Now there is going to be a new arrangement for philosophy. According to the temple administration, the boards will only open online sites then. Only those who register will be allowed to view.

The Bihari temple in Banke is closed again decided due

Explain that during the lockdown that took effect due to the coronary infection, the government closed all visitors to the general public, and temples were allowed to open during unlocked temples. However, considering the growing situation of corona infection, it was decided to keep the temple closed for the general public by the management of the temple.

The temple was opened to devotees on Saturday, October 17, as per the official guidelines of the temple management. However, due to the pressure of the crowd of devotees, the arrangements made by the temple administration and the police administration were seen to be destroyed. The administration facilitates the arrangements through extensive understanding and visits to the fans by adhering to social distances.

Even in the evening, the process continued smoothly, but considering the possibility of increasing public pressure in the coming days, the police administration was asked to reconsider opening the temple without registering with the temple management.
On top of this, the temple management has decided to keep the temple closed to the general public until an advance order is issued on Monday 19th August.

Manish Kumar Sharma, manager of the temple, said the temple would be opened as soon as the website for the registration of the temple was made smooth. At present, only 200-200 fans will be able to register for the morning and evening darshan. He said management was considering offering discounts to fans in local and rural areas for the visit.

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