Teacher murder case: Four days have passed but no trace of the murder has been found, police investigation is starting every day with a new angle

The shooter who shot and killed Nivedita alias Dovina Major and daughter Delphina was not caught four days later. The motive for the killing was not immediately clear. Sometimes looting, sometimes land, sometimes money transactions, sometimes the whole incident revolves around the cycle. Meanwhile, police from Lucknow’s Shahpur police station took Delphina’s statement on Tuesday. Police have received a lot of important information from the daughter. The police have taken steps in that direction. Police officials claim the shooter will be caught soon.

At Rajib Nagar Colony in Basharatpur of Shahpur Police Station, cyclists shot dead 40-year-old teacher Nivedita alias Davina Major and her 1-year-old daughter Delphina, a resident of Rajib Nagar. Devina died of her injuries on the spot and is currently being treated at a hospital in Lucknow. Davina’s husband Manish Major has filed a case against his wife and niece against Rajiv Tiwari, a resident of Rajivnagar, on charges of robbery and attempted murder. After naming him as the accused, the police took Gyanu and others into custody on the day of the incident.

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Dovina had a constant rivalry with knowledge. Police have taken the three into custody but it is not easy to send them to jail without arresting the shooter. This is why when the police started further investigation into the case, the story of many controversies of Dayina came out. Most of the controversy was about money transactions. Many people took money from Davina and never came back. The police picked up one by one and started questioning them, most of whom are still in police custody.

Not only that, but there was also a controversy over where Dovina was studying. Police have also started questioning the chief in this regard. Apart from this, tongue-in-cheek was started in the colony from the very beginning. Most people say the killings were carried out in Ashna, although police say their investigation is at all points, yet they have been named and the shooter is being investigated. According to sources, a young man had been harassing Dovina for several days. His numbers have also appeared in the call details. Police have intensified their search. It is said that the murder of the young man is expected to be solved.

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