Rumor has it that Dhirendra accused in the murder case

Rumor has it that Dhirendra, accused in the murder case, has surrendered to the police station

Dhirendra Singh, who is accused of shooting and killing at a meeting called for allotment of quotas in Durjanpur village of Balia district, is rumored to have surrendered. Police officials said the search for Dhirendra was on. No trace of him has been found yet. Many teams are constantly leaving.

It is said that there was talk since morning that accused Dhirendra Pratap would be able to surrender in court. Police were then deployed outside the civil court from the morning. Police tried to arrest him when he came to surrender. Meanwhile, rumors have surfaced that he has surrendered. However, police officials have denied the matter.

Rasuka and Gunda will also be involved:

Meanwhile, police have announced a reward against the fugitive accused. Laws have been declared against them under the Rasuka and Gangster Act. Six accused, including the main accused in the case, are absconding and police have arrested two accused. Deputy Inspector General of Police Subhash Chandra Dubey has announced a reward of Rs 50,000 each for the fugitive accused in the Revathi case as well as action against the accused under the Rasuka and Gangster Act. Superintendent of Police Devendra Nath has announced a reward of Rs 25,000 against the fugitive accused. Police have arrested two accused Devendra Pratap Singh and Narendra Pratap Singh in the case and arrested five others. The main accused in the case, Dhirendra Pratap Singh W, is still absconding. Police have formed 12 teams for the arrest.

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Meanwhile, main accused Dhirendra Pratap Singh, while claiming his innocence, claimed that one member of his family was also killed and half a dozen people were injured in the Rewathi incident. In a video posted on social media sites on Friday, he described himself as the president of a former army organization. Accusing the incident as premeditated, the accused alleged that as soon as the meeting for allotment started, the district magistrate, superintendent of police and other officials feared an unpleasant incident, but the authorities did not pay any attention to it. In the viral video, Dhirendra claims that his 70-year-old father and brother-in-law were also attacked in the presence of authorities. Significantly, one person was killed and several others were injured in a shooting at a government cheap stall in Durjanpur village in Rebathi police station area of ​​the district on Thursday.

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