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Roadways bus conductor arrested for raping a woman under the influence of alcohol

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On Sunday, Brahmapuri police also arrested another accused from Meerut for gang-raping a woman. He is a roadways bus conductor. Police produced both the accused in court and sent them to jail. A woman from Sardana area came to the Bhainsali bus depot around 5 pm on Friday. From here two young men called him and took him to the house of Dewalok Colony. The two young men got drunk and made the woman drunk. He then raped the woman overnight. He fled after being dropped off near the Meola flyover on Delhi Road at around 5am on Saturday.

Brahmapuri Inspector Subhash Atri said the main accused Sunil Chowdhury, a resident of Modinagar area, was arrested on Saturday night. He manages a dismissed army and contracted buses. His other accomplice Arvind, a resident of Patti village, Bhojpur police station (Ghaziabad), was arrested on Sunday. Arvind is the bus driver of Roadways. The inspector said that both the accused have been produced in court and sent to jail.

Rental house

The inspector said the two accused were from Modinagar area. Sunil Chowdhury’s contracted buses ply on the Delhi-Meerut highway. Sunil’s friend Arvind is the bus driver of Roadways. So both of them have rented a room in Dewalok Colony. He took the woman to the same room.

Slide lab sent

According to the inspector, a preliminary investigation at the district hospital could not confirm the rape. So a forensic lab was sent to create the slide. The situation will be clear as soon as the report comes from there. The victim is currently admitted to the district hospital. Her husband has filed a rape case against the two.


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