Now the Yogi government will tighten control over the land mafias, occupying and vacating government land

The Yogi government is once again planning to take action against land mafias across the state. Action will be taken against the land mafias by identifying them. Government or farmers’ land will be vacated through their occupation. The revenue department will soon issue instructions to the district magistrates in this regard.

The government is strict against land mafias

The state government is strict against the land mafia. Intimidating the farmers in the state, they take land at one and a half to one price or sell it to the land mafia by occupying government land. The government has taken action against such people before. During the meeting of senior government officials, it was decided that strict action should be taken against the land mafias after identifying them.

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Illegal colonies will be banned

The state government believes that illegal settlements in urban areas will be largely curtailed once the land mafia is strengthened. Land mafias sell small plots of land or government land. Due to this the number of illegal colonies in the city is constantly increasing. In these illegal colonies, the corpses are later pressured to develop. So after taking strict action against land mafias, illegal colonies will be largely stopped.

Fact file:

– Anti-Geo-Mafia Task Force identifies 1523 big land mafias in the state

– Taking action against three of these National Security Act (NSA)

Action has been taken against 43 against the Gangster Act and 249 against the Hooligan Act

The total number of hijackers is 3383

– Number of 2 or01 cases registered, 2407 arrested or present

– Assets worth Tk 28 crore have been seized so far under the Gangster Act


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