NCERT all out screw against BJP leader, mastermind of fake book scandal


The mastermind of printing a fake NCERT book is now facing the wrists of BJP leader Sanjeev Gupta and his niece Sachin Gupta. The police-STF is legally under siege. The NCERT has declared the printing of counterfeit books illegal. GST is under investigation regarding the tax issue. Investigative agencies have claimed that it is very difficult for the accused to escape despite adopting many tactics.

On August 21, the STF raided two printing presses and a warehouse in Meerut-Gajrula and seized about 1.5 million counterfeit books. The main accused in the case are Sanjeev and Sachin Gupta. Both are fugitives. Partapur police has applied to the court on behalf of NBW. Both bails are expected to be released on Monday. Police will then begin the process of announcing the awards to both. Here every day the police are detaining both the accused at the house.

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There is evidence of various activities

An investigation report from the NCERT headquarters in New Delhi is also expected by Monday. The report said Sanjeev-Sachin Gupta’s printing press was considered illegal. Police also collected documents from UPSIDC in Gajargul, which contained several lakhs of rupees from Sanjeev Gupta’s printing press. The GST department is trying to find out whether it was levying taxes on both the printing press, paper and ink and other items. All in all, the BJP leader is under siege from all sides after the demolition.

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In addition to the police, multiple departments including NCERT and GST are conducting their own investigations. Police have strong evidence against the accused. This evidence will be kept in the court.-Ananda Prakash Mishra, Inspector Thana



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