Mukhtar Ansari's close associate Abhishek Singh to be prosecuted under Gangster Act

Mukhtar Ansari’s close associate Abhishek Singh to be prosecuted under Gangster Act


Police have taken action against criminal accused Abhishek Singh alias Babu and his five accomplices under the Gangster Act against Madyanov police Bahubali MLA Moktar Ansari. A bomb-making operation was found at Babu Singh’s house in Gomti Nagar. At that time one of his companions escaped. Meanwhile, Kaisarbagh police have taken action against a gangster.

Madianov Inspector Bipin Kumar Singh said Abhishek Singh, a resident of Aliganj, is a history-sheet. There are many cases against him. His terror spread to the area. His father has retired as a sub-inspector. Besides Abhishek, action has also been taken against Janakipuram resident Shoaib Ahmed, Rohit Singh alias Mohit, Madianov resident Anmol Rawat, Indorebagh BKT resident Pawan Singh alias Lucky Singh and Asti Road BKT resident Suraj Singh.


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Babu’s companion Pradeep had no clue

Last month, several police teams raided Babu Singh’s house in Gomti Nagar expansion in a crackdown on close relatives. In addition to the bomb-making items, a key to a bullet-proof vehicle was found here. The vehicle was reported by Pradeep Singh, who fled the scene. Babu was arrested. Pradeep’s Fortune car was found in the Venumati apartment. Pradeep did not know anything since then.

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Gangster arrest

Kaisarbagh police on Sunday arrested fugitive gangster Akhilesh Tiwari under the Gangster Act. Akhilesh is originally from Shahganj in Singhai, Jaunpur. SI Jarnadhan Yadav said there were many cases against Akhilesh.



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