Mission Strength Female Power Line 1090 connected to Emergency Number

Mission Strength: Female Power Line 1090 connected to Emergency Number 112, the hot spot will be marked as a sign of despair.

Taking a major step towards the protection of women, the state government integrated 112 police emergency services with the Women Power Line (1090). This will help the police immediately to get a call on any one of the two numbers. A ‘Data Analytics Center’ is also being set up at Women Power Line. This will enable temper-proof hotspots in the state.

Created Women and Child Protection Agency

To prevent crimes against women and children, the state government has set up a separate ‘Women and Child Protection Agency’ in the police, which has been given command of the ADG level IPS. All the units related to women in the police department like Women’s Division Cell, Women’s Aid Cell and Women’s Power Line 1090 have now been integrated into it.

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The Data Analytics Center, established in 1090 under the Safe City project, will collect and analyze data for crimes against women. This will identify crimes against women, especially indecency. This will enable the district police and its anti-Romeo squad to work more effectively. At the direction of the government, women’s help desks have been set up in all police stations in the state so that women do not feel any fear or hesitation in going to the police station to lodge their complaints. Similarly, the police emergency service takes home such women who, for some reason, call 112 people at night and ask for help.

Remedy of 1.15 lakh complaints in nine months

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A total of 2,07,6477 complaints were lodged between January 1 and September 30, 2020, according to data recorded on the Women Power Line. The Home Office review found that 1,15,444 complaints have been settled so far. Of the total complaints, 1,33,118 complaints are related to phone rape and cyber bullying, which are being handled directly by 1090. The remaining complaints are in the process of being resolved. 733619 crime related complaints were forwarded to District Police, GRP and UP 112.

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