Meerut rape case: Humanity due to minor girl, blood splattered in car, horrible condition worse

Meerut rape case: Humanity due to minor girl, blood splattered in car, horrible condition worse


At the pole, a minor student of class XI was reportedly raped in a car with a BJP sticker. The incident happened when he was going to learn karate. The student was admitted to a private hospital after his condition deteriorated. Police recovered the vehicle and arrested the accused belonging to BJP and Gorakh Seva Samiti.

It is said that the student was engrossed in the car. The police forensic team was also shocked to see the car. Both seats of the car were stained with blood. When the girl reached home, her clothes were also stained with blood. The sick condition was talking about the humanity that happened to him. About 15 hours after the tragedy, the girl was in a position to say something.


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A 1-year-old girl from Tipinagar police station area goes to a college-based institute to learn karate, where she meets her veteran player, 20-year-old Pulkit Saini. According to the FIR, the girl left home at Friday evening to learn karate. On the way a delightful car was found outside the restaurant. Pulkit offers to drive. Pulkit parked the girl’s scooter outside the same restaurant. This has been confirmed by CCTV footage.


Lonely road, way off

The student informed the father that he objected when the accused took him to a secluded road at Shambhunagar Gurudwara in Tipinagar police station area. Said there is no karate institute here. The road was deserted and the roads were closed. The boy stopped the car right there. The accused objected and insulted him. Threatened to kill. Pushed him into the back seat. The accused raped and fled. He came home in a bad condition.

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According to family sources, the daughter returned home at half past one on Friday evening. He was not in a position to say anything. Seeing his ill health, he was immediately admitted to the hospital. On Saturday, some conditions were revealed when he wanted to know about his daughter’s progress.

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The forensic team investigated

Police forensic team reached Tipinagar police station and investigated the vehicle used in the incident. Make some fingerprints. Blood samples were found in the car seat.



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