Meerut rape case: After the rape, the blood stained seat was washed and dumped on the side of the canal, the currents increased in the FIR

Meerut rape case: After the rape, the blood stained seat was washed and dumped on the side of the canal, the currents increased in the FIR


After raping a karate player in a car with a minor student in class XI, the accused washed the seat cover with blood stains. After that the cover was thrown near Bhola Jhal in Jani police station area. Police have increased the section 2010 to destroy the information filed against the accused.

Tipinagar police station in-charge Dinesh Chandra himself is investigating the rape case. He said the accused had given information of excessive bleeding during interrogation. Since the incident happened in the evening and the accused has to go home by car. In such a situation, no doubt, he first washed the seat cover with water. There were still some marks left. The car was then taken to Bhola Hall and the seat covers were thrown into the bushes beside the canal.


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The station in-charge said the seat covers would be recovered with the remand of the accused. The police in-charge said that the police investigation did not find any contact with the accused Pulkit Saini resident Prempuri, any party or organization on the railway road. Despite this, he affixed the sticker of BJP and Gorakh Seva Samiti metropolitan president on his car. He has also been charged with fraud.

Seal of schoolgirl’s dress
The forensic team recovered the student’s hairband and other items from the accused’s car. The student’s blood-stained clothes were also sealed. These will be sent for forensic investigation.


He appeared in court and was sent to jail
Police on Sunday produced accused Pulkit Saini in the court of special remand magistrate. From here he was taken into judicial custody for 14 days and sent to jail.

161 has no statement
The student has become very weak due to excessive bleeding. He is undergoing treatment at the hospital. According to doctors and family members, the girl is not in a position to talk to anyone. Thus far, 161 statements have not been recorded. Government doctors will also be examined later.

Conflict in statement
Police officials said they received information about the incident from a hospital memo on Saturday morning. At the same time, the accused confessed to the media that a police call came to him on Friday night. He was taken into custody on Saturday morning.

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This was the case
A 16-year-old daughter of a resident of Tipinagar police station is studying in class XI. He learned karate at an institute. On the evening of October 1, the senior player showed him the excuse to get in the car. She was then taken to a secluded road behind the Shambhunagar Gurudwara and raped in a car. Prempuri, a resident of Pulkit Saini, accused in the case, has been arrested.

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