Leave a 3-month-old baby on the track and jump in front of the train, learn how soldiers save their lives in film style

Survived a tragic accident in UP Firzabad on Sunday. Two women rescued the life of a woman and her three-month-old child with the help of the Government Railway Police (GRP). In fact, the woman jumped in front of the train and was about to commit suicide, when both soldiers rescued the woman with extreme caution. Thus the soldiers gave new life to two lives.

According to people present around the railway track, a woman brought a three-month-old baby to the dock. He sat there for a while. Then a freight train appeared from a distance. Meanwhile, the woman unloaded her baby from the dock and placed it on the other side of the railroad tracks and agreed to jump in front of the freight train herself. Meanwhile, State Railway Police (GRP) soldiers Raghabendra and Yogendra saw the woman jumping in front of the train. Both soldiers rushed towards the woman without wasting time. A freight train was coming from the front to end the woman’s life, then two GRP soldiers from the back to save her life. Thank God that just before the goods train arrives, two soldiers remove the woman from the railroad in filmy fashion. Meanwhile, the woman also suffered a minor injury. The soldiers admitted him to the district hospital. At the same time, the woman’s baby is absolutely safe. Police informed the woman’s family and called her to the hospital. The woman’s husband said he came home angry. SP Constable Mohammad Mushtaq has decided to honor both the constables.

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