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Knowing the whole matter, the woman was beaten in front of more than two hundred people in Bhari Panchayat

Rumors of a love affair with a woman spread in Sonbhadra, UP. When the husband called the panchayat, the married woman first asked the accused youth to tell the truth. When he remained silent, he demanded justice from the five. But when both of them remained silent, they started beating the young man in front of the panchayat with a punch stick. The panchayat was shocked to see this attitude of the woman. The young man also fled. However, no police has yet issued a statement in this regard.

The case relates to a village bordering the state of Chhattisgarh under Babni police station. The villager got married two years ago. A young man in the village spread rumors that he had an affair with a married woman. Not only that, he will take her home in ten days. On learning of the matter, the woman’s husband called a panchayat at the Panchayat Bhaban on Sunday under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister. About two and a half hundred people were present in the panchayat, including the head of the neighboring village. Grameen Debshah, Ramalkhan and Dhanshah, who were present at the panchayat, said that the woman in the filled panchayat said that she had no relationship with the youth. But her husband said that if that happened then tell the young man the same thing.

First female request

The woman obeyed her husband and asked the young man to tell the panchayat the truth. However, the young man remained silent. Disappointed by the young man, the woman spread her mouth and asked the Punches to give me justice. But the Punches did not respond to the woman’s request.

Punch picked up the sting

The woman pleaded for a while. But as no response was received from any other side, the agitated woman picked up a fist and started beating the young man. Seeing the woman’s form, the people present in the panchayat started running from here. The accused youth who was injured there also escaped. After that the panchayat ended without trial.

The villagers were shocked to see the attitude of the woman

The villagers are also disappointed after the youth was beaten in a panchayat in a border village in Babni police station area on Sunday. At the hearing, the panchayat ended without any result. The woman was also beaten in the panchayat for spreading rumors. At the same time, some villagers present in the panchayat are pressuring the woman to impose a fine. But some are not in his favor. In such a situation, there is also a consensus on five penalties.


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