Kanpur: Leather exports have halved for the first time due to Corona

The terrible corona epidemic has broken the back of the leather industry. A report released by the Leather Export Council on Wednesday found that exports had fallen by more than 48 per cent this year compared to last year. This is the first time the Prime Minister has lost a skin in one of the ten strongest industries.

Last year, the leather sector was not very good. Exports fell 10 percent in 2012 compared to 2018, but Corona was not surprised then. From the report published this year, it is clear that the impact that Corona has had has not been felt in the last 50 years.


In August last year, 428 million was exported. Exports in August this year were 356 million. That means it’s down about 17 percent. Last year, between April and August, leather exports in five months were 20 2,053 million. During the same period this year, these exports declined by only $ 1062 million. In other words, exports have decreased by 48 percent. Even then, the situation is not good because advance orders from December to March are not in cash. Foreign customers suspect that exporters here will be able to complete the order in a timely manner.

The seriousness of the situation in the leather sector is evident from the report of the Leather Export Council. Exports have halved between April and August. This will have a direct impact on employment and financial health. – Javed Iqbal, Regional Chairman Leather Export Council

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