In Uttar Pradesh, the number of Korana patients has more than doubled in a month


In Uttar Pradesh, the number of patients infected with corona has more than doubled in a month. The total number of corona patients in the state on August 16 last month was 1,54,418 which reached 3,30,265 on September 16.

The number of infected people has increased rapidly during the last fortnight. More than 1 lakh patients of Corona have increased during this period. 1,01,2 between September 1 and September 1, 2010. New infections have been reported. The number of corona patients on 01 September was 2,35,757 which reached 3,30,265 on 16 September.

বুধবার 86 patients died on Wednesday

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৮ 86 corona patients died in the state on Wednesday, although this number is lower than on Tuesday, with a maximum of 113 corona patients dying in a single day on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the number of infected patients in a single day stood at 3733737, and the number of discharged from the hospital in the last 24 hours was 64447676.


On Wednesday, Amit Mohan Prasad, Additional Chief Secretary, Medical and Health, said work on the Covid-19 test was in full swing in the state. In the state, 1,54,202 samples were tested in one day. A total of 79,38,533 samples have been investigated in the state so far. He said there are 200 active cases of coroner’s cases in the state.

The recovery percentage increased to .27.29 percent

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He said the recovery rate in the state has increased to 786.29. It added that there were 35,415 people in the homeless. 3918 people are being treated in private hospitals and 232 people in semi-refined L-1 Plus. Under the pool test, 2 2705 pools were tested yesterday, out of which 2498 pools of 5-5 samples and 20 pools of 10-10 samples were tested.

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