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In the Corona era, people lit more cigarettes and chewed gutka


Corona has led to an increase in the trend of protein and healthy foods on the one hand, on the other hand, the demand for pan masala has also increased. Not only that, the number of cigarette manufacturers has also increased wildly in five months. As a result, tax collection also increases. The country gets GST of Tk 600 crore a year from Kanpur, a stronghold of betel spice. This is when more than half of the big brand people move their machines to Delhi and Noida.


Tax collection has increased by Tk 75 crore

Here, each of the big brands of Pan Masala gives an annual revenue of Rs 100 to 275 crore to the GST department. Prior to Corona, the GST department used to collect an average of Rs 655 crore per month from Pan Mashalar, which has risen to Rs 70-75 crore since June.

Tax evasion would be great

Spice machines are also secretly running in various dense slums. The GST intelligence units themselves believe that at least Rs 30 crore worth of spices are smuggled from the city every day. In other words, spices worth Tk 1,000 crore are being supplied to other cities of the country without paying duty.

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Blowing one million packets every day

Before the city of Corona, the number of smuggled cigarettes, foreign cigarettes and counterfeit cigarettes was added to the cash every day, but this number was about one lakh packets per day. Now the cost of 75,000 packets per day has increased to just one. A senior official of a large cigarette company said that his company alone trades Rs 226 crore a month. They claim that if you want to know the actual sales statistics, triple it. In other words, cigarettes worth Rs 1100 crore are sold in Kanpur every year. It contains both legal and illegal.


Unemployment and stress increase consumerism

Traders associated with spices and cigarettes say people in Corona are not leaving their homes. The problem of drinking alcohol is that it is very difficult to drink at home. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Besides, if someone has more work, no one has work. The number of cigarette smokers has also increased due to stress caused by two factors.

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What did the officer say?

There is a big cigarette business in Kanpur. Has campaigned against foreign cigarette smuggling. Under this, the enforcement unit seized 100 million illegal cigarettes, which were supplied to other cities including Kanpur. – Chanchal Kumar Tiwari, Deputy Commissioner, Customs

The city has been a stronghold of Pan Masala from the very beginning. The demand for pan spices has increased during the Corona period. Taxes on these items have increased. That means production in the spice factory has increased. – Ake Singh, Deputy Commissioner, Goods and Services Tax

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