In Bikash Dubey and 22 houses including the miscreants were cut down in the encounter

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On Sunday, the Southern Power Corporation was killed in the clashes, in 22 houses, including Bikash Dubey. This includes the homes of many people killed in police encounters. Everyone is accused of using electricity without meters. The connections were cut through a campaign led by SDO Mytha.

The horror of Dubey is that he did not allow anyone to install a meter in the biker’s house. Billing was being done on fixed charge but there was no way to recover. Even after connecting to the village, many houses were being lit without meters. Multiple ACs, coolers, televisions, more than two dozen tubelights were being used in the development rooms with one kilowatt connection. At ten o’clock in the morning the power department team camped in Bikaru. Every house was checked. First, the connection to Bikash Dubey’s house was cut off. In the absence of meters, the average bill was being submitted every month. Praveen, Prabhat’s house also got more than one kilowatt load.

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Umakanta was also arrested at the home of other colleagues

Meters were also not found in 22 houses, including Umakanta, Shamu, Ramu, Gopal and Govinda, who were arrested in the Bikeru case. The people of the house could not even show the documents of temporary meter connection. In such a situation, everyone was disconnected. Many had arrears of up to Rs 30,000.
There will also be arrangements for theft. The SDO said each room would have a meter. Action will also be taken under the Electricity Theft Act. The campaign will continue.

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