In a big move by the UP government, both Omar and Abbas, sons of Muktar Ansari, rewarded the criminals.

In a big move by the UP government, both Omar and Abbas, sons of Muktar Ansari, rewarded the criminals.

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Major action has been taken against Mukhtar Ansari’s two sons on the instructions of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Lucknow Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey has declared Mukhtar’s two sons as criminals.

According to the order issued by the Commissioner of Police, 25,000 prizes have been announced for Mukhtar Ansari’s sons Omar and Abbas. An FIR was lodged against the two two days ago in a case of illegal possession. Two of his illegally occupied buildings in Lucknow were also demolished.

In this case, Jiamau Lekhpal Surjan Lal filed a case against Muktar Ansari and his sons Umar and Abbas in Hazratganj Kotwali on charges of fraud, conspiracy and illegal occupation of land. Surjan Lal had alleged that the land on which Mukhtar’s sons had built the tower was Md. Wasim.


Mukhtar Ansari’s wife and his brothers were gang-raped
Afsa Ansari, wife of Mukhtar Ansari, and her brother-in-law Sarjeel Raja and Anwar Shahzad, after the administration removed crores of rupees from unauthorized land. However, gangster action was taken. Everyone together with Mukhtar commits crime as an organized criminal group. Gazipur Kotwali is a gangster against everyone A case has been filed under this law.

Mukhtar gang’s annual income is closed at Rs 48 crore

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The police have done deep damage to the economic empire of Mukhtar Ansari and his clique. As a result of the steps taken so far, the income of Mukhtar gang has stopped at Rs 47 crore annually. In different districts of Varanasi zone, the police have given a big push to various illegal businesses including fishing, storage, gang making, coal business, butchery. According to the police report, the annual income from the pearl gang’s fish business was around Tk 33 crore. The rest of the income was from other illegal activities.

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