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Hindustan Mission Shakti: Preeti became an example in Itranagri, made a courage, now giving work to women

When it comes to the courageous women of the district, Preeti’s name of Kachatipur village of Indergarh comes first. Their struggle has become a nazir for others. It was hard-earned money to save her husband. There was no other earner at home. The shop, which was supporting the upbringing and education of children, was also gutted by the fire. Still, the destitute Preeti did not give up and stood up on the strength of the struggle and forced the help of other forced women.
Husband’s treatment brought him to the pavement, yet did not give up

It was on 21 April 2012 when Preeti broke down completely after her husband died of cancer. 15-20 lakh rupees were spent in the treatment and could not save her husband. Preeti says that she had come on the sidewalk. The responsibility of raising and teaching three children started torturing day and night. In the year 2013 she became active in NRLM.
Opened shop but fire again devastated

Two years later, mother Santoshi formed a self-help group. Took animal husbandry training at Allahabad Bank’s Arsetti Khairnagar Marg Tirwa. Also learned to make candles. All these work added many destitute women. Concerned about the future of children and herself, she started a cosmetic shop with Rs 10,000. Then a limit of 50 thousand was made. But time again betrayed and the shop caught fire. But still Preeti did not give up. Taking a loan, he invested one lakh rupees in the shop and started work. She says that her son sits at the shop, who is also studying for B.Sc. A daughter is pursuing a staff nurse course. The second is in intermediate. It has also done.
Teach everyone that time is not the same

Preeti says that time is not like anyone, happiness and sorrow keep coming, but a human should not lose courage. She teaches this sutra sentence to every woman. Today, he is also a BRP (Block Resource Person) at Grameen Bank branch Khairnagar due to hard work. You get 300 rupees every day. Also TADA is also available at the rate of four rupees per km. Preeti saved her family and employed many other women.


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