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Hindustan Mission Shakti: Jyoti became the strength of women who raised voice against dowry in Kanpur countryside

Jyoti Pathak, a resident of Mankapur village in Mangalpur, is raising her voice on dowry and harassment of women. He himself became an inspiration to others by making his marriage free of dowry. Seeing discrimination against girls in rural areas, he started to pay maximum attention to the education of girls. He started free coaching for girls in Mankapur. After the husband joined her after marriage, he also opened free coaching for the girls in the in-laws. He hired some other girls to teach here and gave them remuneration from him.
Home toilets for girl students

She is seen standing with her to bring justice to every victim. Their role is important in inspiring women to live life with self-respect. Seeing the students coming to the Inter College and Degree College, feeling embarrassed due to no toilet on the way, she has constructed free toilets for girls and women in her house. Sometimes she cleans the toilet herself. Along with this he also continued his education. She has now been selected as a teacher in the teacher recruitment held in the state in the past, but her attitude towards women and girls is still of service.
Preparation to make a team of strong girls

Jyoti Pathak wants to make girls mentally strong with education. She gives the mantra to the adolescent girls coming to her free coaching, not to be scared under any circumstances and to never lose heart. She informs the girls about the good touch and bad touch and encourages them not to remain silent on the wrong thing with the knowledge of being alert. She believes that a strong girl can face every challenge.


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