Hathras scandal: You want MP Sanjay Singh to keep the victim's family in his house

Hathras scandal: You want MP Sanjay Singh to keep the victim’s family in his house


Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh, who has repeatedly attacked the Yogi state government in Uttar Pradesh over gang-rape and murder, wants to keep the victim’s family at his home in Delhi.

Criticizing the UP government, Sanjay Singh said that the family of Hathras Putul should not be surprised by Adityanath Raj. Sanjay Singh tweeted that he had spoken to the victim’s uncle on Hatras’ phone and requested to stay together at his home in Delhi.

Earlier, the victim’s family had expressed their desire to relocate to Delhi to ensure their safety. The victim’s family says they want to move to Delhi to ensure their safety. The aggrieved brother said that the state government should relocate us from the village to Delhi.

The brother said that the family wants to relocate the matter to Delhi, we also want to relocate there. The government should help us in this matter, we depend on them. We want to be safe wherever we are. When the case was heard in the Supreme Court on Thursday, the victim’s family also pleaded that the case be tried in Delhi.


Earlier, on October 15, Sanjay Singh told a news conference that for the first time in India, any government was giving false affidavits in court to save criminals. This has been done to save the rapists. The state government said it was a riot conspiracy. A sedition case was filed against 19 unidentified persons.

Sanjay Singh said that I would request the Supreme Court to take note of this matter and take action against the people of the Yogi government for this fraud. It is clear from the way the court raped her that the Yogi Adityanath government is protecting the rapists. Such incidents are coming to the fore in areas like Pratapgarh and Gorakhpur. The girls are embracing death on the day they come to UP.
Sanjay Singh is also being praised for telling the victim’s family to keep their own house. Many celebrities have retweeted this tweet of Sanjay Singh.



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