Hathras case CBI closes door and interrogates family members for

Hathras case: CBI closes door and interrogates family members for five-and-a-half hours, takes girl’s clothes with her

The CBI was continuing its probe into the death of the woman on Saturday after she was gang-raped in Hathrasa’s Bulgarhi. The CBI team reached the village and interrogated the victim’s family for five and a half hours. The group snatched the victim’s clothing. The team briefly stayed at the scene before questioning the family.

The team, led by CBI officer Seema Pahuja, along with another female officer, reached the victim’s house at around 12.45 pm. When he arrived, he closed the main gate of the house. The victim’s father, mother, grandmother, two brothers, sister, sister-in-law and another female relative were inside the house. Police were deployed at the door of the house. Not even an outsider was allowed to stand around. The CBI has already conducted lengthy interrogation of the victim’s father and two brothers.

More women were questioned during the investigation on Saturday. Everyone investigated the incident one by one. Bhobi refused to identify the young man named Chhotu who first came to the farm on the day of the incident. The woman from Jabalpur was also questioned by the CBI. On September 14, the CBI summoned him to his camp office for questioning by doctors, pharmacists and a villager in the Chandpa area who were posted in the emergency room of the district hospital. In the evening, the CBI team stopped at Kotwali Chandpat after returning from Bulgadhi

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The two sons of the farm owner were interrogated for five hours yesterday

On Friday, the CBI summoned the two sons of the farm owner for questioning so that the crime could take place. It is learned that the son of the farm owner came to the farm to graze at the time of the incident and he was the first to reach the same place after the incident. The CBI interrogated the two brothers for about five hours. On Thursday, officials went to the accused’s house and interrogated him for several hours. During this investigation, the name of a young man with a short name came before the CBI. The farm where the news of the incident is being found is that of Chhotu’s father. Chhotu gave his speech in SIT. It was said that the incident took place on September 14, when he was working in a field a short distance away. Hearing the sound, he reached the spot. In such a situation, Chhoti’s statement is very important for the CBI. On Friday, Chhoti and her brother were called by the CBI. In the afternoon, the two brothers came to the CBI camp office around 2 pm. The interrogation of the two continued till about seven o’clock. It is alleged that Chander also questioned the then inspector DK Verma.

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