Gorakhpur: Jhum's cloud, paddy sheaf benefit, farmer's flower

Gorakhpur: Jhum’s cloud, paddy sheaf benefit, farmer’s flower

While the rains brought relief to the common man from the scorching heat, for the paddy farmers, this rain was no less than nectar.

While the rains brought relief to the common man from the scorching heat, for the paddy farmers, this rain was no less than nectar. The rains have turned into relief amid rising diesel prices, with farmers’ faces lit up. This happiness of the farmers is also normal as the sheaf of paddy is in floating condition. In such a situation, the crop not only benefits the crop, but if irrigation had to be done in the absence of rain, it would have cost Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 per acre for irrigation.

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Farmers in the district have planted paddy in 0.49 lakh hectares of land. Due to floods and waterlogging, farmers had to suffer a lot and about 11,000 hectares of paddy crop was destroyed. Farmers have high expectations from the remaining crop. In such a situation, the sheaf of paddy is now floating, the farmers were busy irrigating the land in all areas due to lack of rain. It took 7 to 10 hours to irrigate one acre of crop. The cost of irrigation and the wage of two and a half rupees per hour was increasing the production duty of the farmers. In such a situation, heavy rains in some places at 10:30 am on Sunday brought joy to the faces of the farmers. The district has received good rainfall in a few more areas including Joomla Bazar, Pipijang, Jungle Kaurian, Ahiruli Bazar, Khorabar, Sarhari, Gida, Sahajanva.

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And here the farmers wait for the rain

There was no rain in Badaljong, Campierganj, Chaurichora, Sardarnagar, Brahmapur, Gagaha and Khajani areas. Here the farmers are running water on the land by running diesel set. Rabindra Pandey, a farmer from Chaurichaura, Ram Sundar Mairya from Sardarnagar and Ramesh Srinatra from Barhalganj said that due to lack of rain, diesel irrigation has to be given at Rs 25 per hour.

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“Outbreaks of diseases like leaf blight or leaf folder in paddy crop will be eliminated. The second rain has also saved the irrigation facilities of the farmers. The paddy sheaf is floating in the district land. Rainfall production continues to rise.
Arvind Kumar Chowdhury, District Agriculture Officer Gorakhpur



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