Former minister Fateh Bahadur’s ID hacked, fraudsters demand money from FB friends

Police are not able to prevent fraud by creating a Facebook ID and asking for money. The new case is that people have to ask for money to create a Facebook ID for Fateh Bahadur Singh, a former minister from Campierganj and a BJP MLA. The MLA came to know about this after receiving messages from many people. The legislature has sent Kent police to Tahrir to take action.

After posting a picture of BJP MLA and former cabinet minister Fateh Bahadur Singh from the Campierganj assembly seat, Facebook ID became friendly with his well-wishers and then asked for money in the name of help. Some people even fell into deception and sent money. Suddenly, as soon as the MLA’s message came, people became suspicious and informed the MLA directly by phone. After getting a call from the MLA, he came to know about the fraud and after that he lodged a complaint with the police. Cantt inspector Manoj Kumar Rai said the MLA was found dead. Action is being taken.

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ADG Zone has also committed Facebook ID fraud

Fraudster ADG Zone Dawa Sherpa has created a Facebook account and demanded money from people. In that case, the cyber station is taking action by filing a case. Apart from this, money was demanded from the Facebook accounts of the fraudulent Khajani MLA Sant Prasad, the then CO Gorakhnath / CO Apradh Praveen Singh etc. In this case also the police is investigating by filing a case but so far the police are empty handed.

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