Film Ramlila Ayodhya excited to see the birth of Lord

Film Ramlila: Ayodhya excited to see the birth of Lord Rama

On the second day of Ramlila, which was held for the first time in Laxmankila on the occasion of Shardiya Navratri in Ayodhya, the leela manchana of the birth of Lord Rama’s relative gave a feeling of full nature. At the beginning of creation, the first man, Maharaj Manu, and Satarupa Swarup, the incarnation of the universal hero Partapar Brahman, became inevitable for a variety of reasons as a result of the assurance of nature’s prayers. If it is inaugurated, then the auspicious moment, that wait comes to an end and the adh shik form as a child descended on the palace of Das Shi Raja Dasaratha, the Chakravarti king of Avadh.

A limited time of nine days to stage the entire episode of Ramayana forced the director to reach his destination by filming big events like movies. This compulsion, the arrival of Maharshi Bishwamitra after the birth of the Lord and the request to send Lord Rama and Anuj Lakshmana together to perform the Yajna was a thrilling scene in Tadka-subahu. Earlier, the leela phase of Vice-Chancellor Maharshi Basishta’s grant of knowledge, initiation and knowledge of weapons to the Lord was shown outside the fingers of the traditional Tihivahi Ramlila.

In the context of Ramayana, Avatar Gill played Jahan Subahu as a big star in the film world. At the same time, the junior artists in different characters were very interesting, in addition to the impressive distribution of dialogue they had agility and costume configuration. Additionally, the combination of technology with light-sound added glory to the whole event, which was a few words of praise to the audience. Pradeep Kumar, the director of this Ramlila, said that he took refuge in Radheshyam Ramayana to give the stage and took four feet from Ramcharitamanas. Special themes have been added to other texts to make the presentation interesting.

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The Chief Minister may come one day to see Ramlila

Ayodhya. “We have all met Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath along with West Delhi MP Pravesh Sahab Singh Verma,” said Subhash Malik alias Bobby, the organizer of Ramlila, jointly sponsored by My Mother Foundation and the Ramlila organization in Ayodhya. We have invited Ramlila for the inauguration. He said the Chief Minister Yogi had accepted the invitation and promised to come one day instead of the inauguration. He said that this Ramlila invitation has also been sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Ravana was killed in Ayodhya on the occasion of Dussehra.


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