Chief Minister worships mother Shailaputri after setting up Yogi temple

Chief Minister worships mother Shailaputri after setting up Yogi temple, CM will fast for nine days

On the eve of Shardiya Navratri, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath laid a wreath at the Shakti Peetha at his residence on Saturday evening amidst Vedic chanting at the Gauraknath Temple. The two-hour long program ended with worship of Goddess Bhagwati, Aarti and prayers for forgiveness. Earlier, a grand procession was held at the Gorakhnath temple with the permission of Gorakshipithadhisvara.

On Saturday morning, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reached Goraksanath Temple at 1.30 pm after worshiping Goddess Bhagwati at Devipatan Temple. At 5.25 pm on Saturday, he took a trident to Yogi Kamalnath, the chief priest of the temple, who left the temple with a trident for the Kalas procession.

Under the leadership of Yogi Kamalnath, the age of Shiva-Shisha reached Bhim Sarovar in the thunder of Shayatra Maa Durga. Kalash Jatra circumnavigated Bhima Sarobar, filled Kalash and returned to Shakti Mandir. Under the direction of Acharya Ramanuja Tripathi, the chief priest of the temple, and other priests, Yogi Adityanath first worshiped Gauri-Ganesha by revealing the trident of mother Durga, Lord Shiva and the arms of Guru Gorakhnath. During the puja, the Chief Minister was seen in the traditional traditional attire of Gorakhpithadishwar.

Hawthorne echoes the Kalash journey with arms and arms

The procession that took place in the temple premises yesterday was quite common. After the worship of Kal-Bhairab, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath handed over the trident to Yogi Kamal Nath. Shias and saints of other ages also carried arms and weapons on their backs to protect the procession.

Yogi Kamal Nath in front and other saints with arms and weapons behind him. The priests of the temple were walking along the fort. The Kalashayatra reached Bhim Sarovar amidst the echoes of the Nath community’s special instrument clock-bell, conch and hawthorn. The ritual of fulfilling the welfare was completed by bathing all the arms and weapons in Bhim Sarovar. The procession returns to the Shakti temple through conch shells and Vedic chanting.

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The Chief Minister will go on hunger strike for nine days, it will be fruitful

Yogis traditionally fast for a full 9 days. Temple secretary Dwarka Tiwari said that during fasting, yogis drink dried fruits, dried fruits and milk during the day. In the evening eat dried fruit, milk, water chest flour pudding.

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