BSP forms election board for Assembly by-elections


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BSP supremo Mayawati has started setting up an election board for the UP assembly by-elections. Potential candidates have been engaged in field preparation on the basis of caste equation, the chief sector in-charge has also been asked to sit on the basis of caste. Changes are also expected in a few seats of potential candidates. Ticket contestants continue to contest in the Malhani constituency of Jaunpur.

Power in the by-elections

The BSP, which does not normally contest by-elections, has decided to field candidates in eight seats. Mayawati has held several meetings with the chief sector in-charge at various levels in Delhi this month. The responsibilities of some sector in-charges have also been changed keeping in view the Assembly by-elections. Mayawati discussed the potential candidates in Tundla, Firozabad’s eight seats, Rampur’s Swar, Unnar Bangarmau, Jaunpur’s Malhani, Deoria Sadar, Bulandshahr, Kanpur’s Ghatampur and Amrohar’s Naogawan seats, including in-charge of key sectors and its preparations. After their consent has been completed, the Chief Sector Incharge has been asked to go to the potential candidates for field preparation.

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Pay special attention to the old seats

The BSP is particularly focused on the old seats in the by-elections. In particular, he has his eye on Tundla and Bulandshahr constituencies in Firozabad. Although the BSP lost all these seats in the 2017 Assembly elections, the BSP has retained the Tundla and Bulandshahr seats in the previous few elections. In Malhani, he wants to be a Kshatriya candidate and overcome the electoral storm. Sanjeev Kumar Chak from BSP’s Tundla, Shafiq Ansar from Swar, Haji Yunus from Bulandshahr, Sadat Furkan Ali from Nauganwa, Bangarmau Mahesh from Ghatampur Kuldeep Shankhwar and Abhaynath Tripathi from Deoria Sadar are being considered as potential tenants.

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