Big steps taken by Yogi government against Mafia Khan Mubarak, luxury houses demolished, property confiscated

The process of breaking and confiscating the anonymous property of mafia goon Khan Mubarak, who is included in the list of top ten criminals of UP. On Sunday, a bulldozer was destroyed at the house of Mafia Khan Mubarak in Harsamahar village in Hanswar police station area in the presence of the administration and heavy police force. Another house was confiscated. The value of both the destroyed and confiscated houses is said to be more than Tk 22.5 crore. Earlier, action has been taken against anonymous assets worth more than Tk 5 crore.

As part of the crackdown on mafias in Ambedkar Nagar district, an order was issued against the mafia king Mubarak under Section 144 (1) of the Uttar Pradesh Gangster Act. To comply, illegal property was acquired from the money of the crime on behalf of the Mafia Khan Mubarak. On Sunday, Mafia Khan accompanied by police super Alok Priyadarshi Dalbal reached Harsamahar in Mubarak village. The JCB demolished Khan Mubarak’s state house on the village’s main road in the presence of police. It was reported that the building was constructed after the forcible acquisition of property from the crime money and the forcible occupation of the surrounding land. The value of the destroyed house is said to be Tk 1.25 crore.

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No one in the neighborhood complained for fear of the mafia. The house was demolished by metering with police and revenue team. The second house in the village, a booklet house, was revealed during the investigation that it was also built with illicit money earned from the crime, which cost about Rs one crore, which was sealed. Earlier, 20 shops and complexes of Khan Mubarak worth Rs 1.4 crore were demolished in Hanswar Bazaar. At the same time, the government seized crops by destroying crops planted on twenty-two acres with a tractor.

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It was forbidden to visit Harsamahar

The administration and police had made extensive preparations before Mafia Khan Mubarak’s house was demolished on Sunday. Those who came to Harsamahar village with the main road sealed were completely banned. Police and PACs were deployed in many police stations. SP Alok Priyadarshi, ASP Abneesh Kumar Mishra, SDM Tanda Abhishek Pathak were present during the entire operation. The SP said that action would be taken against Mafia Khan Mubarak and other members of the gang. Anonymous property is being identified.

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