Bareilly: Police hit a young man on the head with a bike during a car check, a video of policeman’s bullying has gone viral

The video of the hooliganism went viral during a viral checkup by Kotwali police during the Corona epidemic. Complaints have been made to all top officials including DGP and ADG. As seen in the video, the young man is said to have bathed his stick and with him his policeman is seen breaking the policeman with a pole. The in-charge was also seen standing at the spot during the outpost. In this case, the SP workers have demanded to take action after meeting the ADG.

Devendra Singh, in-charge of the Biharipur outpost in Kotwali, was checking with his team on Sunday evening. Meanwhile, two young men came on the bike and a soldier stopped him. With this, he hit her head with a stick and started talking to her. After a while, the soldier remembers his uniform and starts hitting the tabloids on the headlights of the young man’s bike.


Unable to break the headlight, the soldier broke his indicator while beating him with a stick and did not leave the number plate. Seeing the attitude of the soldier, no one dared to ask the police about this brutality. During the incident, a young man standing at a distance made a video by zooming in on the camera and at the same time he started talking about the activities of the police in the video. After this incident, he immediately went viral on social media.

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After the video went viral, the allegation was tweeted by all police and district administration officials, including the DGP, ADG. After the video went viral on Tuesday, SP workers, led by Shamim Sultani, met with ADG Abinash Chandra and said action should be taken against the soldiers who broke the bike, including the outpost in charge seen in the video. He has also been assured to take action in this regard. The investigation into the incident has been handed over to CO First Dilip Singh.

The outpost remains in charge and the police member continues to break the bike in equal measure

The viral incident clearly shows that the outpost in charge is talking to another bike equivalent to the soldier who sabotaged the bike. On top of which sits a woman and a man. Standing next to him he was looking at the whole spectacle. The woman on the other bike was also looking back at the performance. Even then, the outpost in-charge did not even try to stop his soldier and remained silent while preaching. At the end of the video, the outpost in-charge broke a large part of the bike and turned to face the camera while talking on the phone. After which his appearance can be seen clearly in the videos. After that, the video makers stopped the video for fear of the police.

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The Chief Minister’s order was also ignored

Recently, the Chief Minister has ordered that no police station will check the documents of vehicles and the traffic police will check the documents. Besides, the police station was instructed to issue three invoices without masks and helmets. In the video it is clearly visible that the victim has everything including the mask helmet. Yet the young man has been stopped. It is being speculated that the recovery program is going on ignoring the instructions of the Chief Minister.

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New SSP Rohit Sajwan has taken up the matter

On Tuesday, the work of newly-appointed SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan started with allegations of police brutality. Subsequently, the SSP took note of the matter and the investigation was handed over to the COI. He said that obscenity would not be tolerated. He instructed that police personnel should not use obscenities with anyone. As a rule, check and search and do not check unnecessary paper.



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