Baliya murder case Three more accused arrested 12 days after

Baliya murder case: Three more accused arrested, 12 days after Dhirendra was not found by 12 police teams

Dhirendra Pratap Singh, the main accused in the Galikand incident in UP’s Balia district, has not yet come into police custody. Another 12 teams of police are trying to find him. Police also arrested three more accused on Saturday. Surendra Singh, a BJP MLA from Baria, who went to the district hospital to treat the injured women of the accused party, was moved to mention the incident.

Police on Saturday arrested three more accused in the Durjanpur murder case. Earlier on Friday, police arrested two brothers, Devendra Pratap Singh and Narendra Pratap Singh, the main accused Dhirendra Pratap Singh. Police have so far arrested five accused in the case. However, there are six accused fugitives including the main accused police. Police have filed cases against eight nominees and 25 unidentified persons in the incident. A reward of Rs 755-7575 thousand has been announced against the fugitive accused.

Three people have been arrested after the investigation

SO Rebati Praveen Kumar Singh said that Munna Yadav and Rajpratap Yadav, residents of Hanumanganj and Rajan Tiwari of Durjanpur have been arrested after their names were revealed in the investigation of Durjanpur case. Devendra Pratap Singh and Narendra Pratap Singh, two brothers of Direndra Pratap Singh W, the main accused in the case, were arrested on Friday. The accused have been sent to jail after interrogation.

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The Bariar MLA was emotional at the district hospital

BJP MLA Surendra Singh from Bearia has come forward in favor of the accused in the Durjanpur murder case. He reached Revati police station on Saturday morning with supporters of the accused Dhirendra Singh W’s family members, including women and children. He demanded to file a case on behalf of the accused party. Besides, the injured women also got medical treatment at the district hospital. At that time, the MLA became emotional while discussing the incident at the district hospital.
Surendra Singh Revathi, MLA of Baiyar, reached the police station with the injured women and children on behalf of the accused. After learning about the matter, SP Devendra Nath came to Rebati police station with heavy force. The legislator said W’s family members were also injured in the fight, so a lawsuit should be filed against them. The accused reached CHC Revathi with family members and the crowd after the police talked about the medical checkup before filing the case. However, as there is no doctor in the community health center, go to the district hospital. At around 10 pm, he rushed the injured women to the emergency room of Sadar Hospital, where the MLA asked the attending physician to treat the women. Dr. Ritesh Soni, Acting MLA, Asha Singh’s wife Rajendra Singh, Ava Singh’s wife Nagendra Singh, Aradhana Singh’s wife Prayag Singh, Kanti Singh’s wife Birendra Singh, Rekha Singh’s wife Dhirendra Pratap Singh, Saroj Singh’s wife Pradeep Singh, 1 16 Raj Singh, Medical checkup of Anil Singh, son of the year. At this time the supporters including the MLA are in the emergency room. Ex-servicemen and MLA supporters present also chanted slogans in support. After being present in the hospital for about two hours, the MLA left after a medical checkup.

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755-7575 thousand prizes for fugitive accused

Police have announced a reward against the fugitive accused in the Durjanpur case. Police have arrested five accused in three days.
After the incident on Thursday, Revathi police have registered a case against eight people and 25 others against Tahrir of Chandra Pal, brother of the slain Joy Prakash. At the end of Friday, DIG Azamgarh Subhash Chandra Dubey announced a reward of Tk 25,000 each to the fugitive accused and SP Devendra Nath. Police said three more accused have been arrested after their names were revealed in the investigation.

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